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The Curves of a woman are beautiful and should be celebrated. We offer Belly casting as a unique pregnancy keepsake that captures the three-dimensional shape of the pregnant form as a piece of art.

The casts can be done in different ways, and decorated to your personal style. Some people choose to have their casts made up for their baby’s nursery, and others for themselves, as a symbol of their metamorphosis into motherhood.

Pregnant women are often told they are at their most beautiful when they are expecting. And, of course, their bump is protecting very precious cargo.

Baby bump bowls are another great way to capture your pregnant form, and becoming a very popular choice for someone who does not have the room to hang a full cast. When making Belly bowls we are just casting your actual tummy, leaving out the breasts. Baby bump Bowls can be decorated in may ways, or kept simple. Some mothers display the bowls in the baby’s nursery, holding some of the newborns first items.

Some families take their finished bowls to their baby’s newborn photography session. This is recommended to be done within the first week of the Baby’s life for the best results.

35~37 weeks is the optimal time for a belly cast and will allow me to capture the fullest shape of your pregnancy.

Castings take place over weekends 9AM to 3PM, start to finish 1.5 hours. We also offer a 3 trimester package to capture all of the milestones throughout your pregnancy. We try keep the process as neat as possible, but it can get a little messy at times. Wear old shorts or old pants. We will do our best to protect your clothing.  Do not wear you favourite bra, there is a possibility of getting some of the plaster on your clothing. It will come out for the most part, depending on the fabric, but better safe than sorry.