Frequently Asked Questions:

Why get a professional to do my casting?

It is worth the financial investment to have your belly cast done professionally from the start. While it is easy to get the materials yourself by purchasing belly casting kits, getting it done by a professional insures you will get a well crafted, strong and durable cast. Relax and let someone else do the work, in a fast, skilled manner. A professional belly caster has experience handling the materials and working with the natural curves of a pregnant body.

How pregnant should I be when I book my appointment?

The ideal time to do the belly casting is 2-4 weeks before the due date, if you want the belly cast to capture the height of the pregnancy transformation. However, some families like to have a belly cast made to represent each trimester, to show the extent of the change (Discounts offered for multiple casts). For belly bowls, if you are planning on having pictures taken with the baby sitting in the cast, it is best to wait as close to the due date as you feel comfortable. Whatever option you prefer, I will make every effort to schedule a belly casting session according to your needs. Fill out our Appointment form when your ready and we will get back to you soon to book you in!

How long does the process take?

From set up, to clean up, the process normally takes no longer than an hour. Usually the casting process will be done within 15-30 minutes depending on how much of your body is being casted.

What materials are used?

We use a casting material that is made from 100% natural materials and is non-toxic and safe for both mom and baby. There is no heat reaction when applied to mom’s skin unlike bulk plaster of paris that can be purchased in a hobby or home improvement store. Prior to casting, your skin is coated with lotion to prevent the cast from sticking to your skin and to allow easy removal once it dries.

What does it feel like to have a belly cast made?

The process of applying the wet strips of plaster gauze may feel a little slimy, but as more strips are put on and smoothed it will feel nice, like a belly massage. We make sure to  adequately cover exposed skin with lotion, this ensures the pregnancy cast will not cling during separation, although a slight tugging sensation may be felt.

Will you cast a woman who is not pregnant? 

Of course! Contact me for more details!

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