About Us

Baby Bump Productions.co.za

IMG_6769Baby Bump Productions have come up with a great gift for Mom~to~be and a keepsake for Baby. We offer a variety of casting services including Belly CastingBelly Bowls and now Breast and Mastectomy Casting. A Baby Bump cast is a beautiful, lasting impression of the pregnant mom~to~be, with paint, fabric, flowers of other enhancements of choice, the final work presents a wonderful, whimsical piece of art and an expressive symbol of love and hope.

Baby Bump Productions has evolved over the last few years to now offer a variety of services, from Baby bump cast to creative letters for kiddies walls to head bands and Maternity sash’s for photo shoots.

Natasha offers casting out of her home or yours. Cast bookings are limited to 4 per month, so booking appointments in advance is suggested. Appointments can be booked via email: info@babybumpproductions.co.za or by texting Natasha at +27 71 374 1839

Natasha has always had a passion for art. Before she started casting, she used her friends camera and do baby bump photography of her friends pregnant bellies while toying with the idea of turning it into a business. In May 2012 she finally did – Baby Bump Productions was born.

She pours a lot of love into each and every cast she makes, and loves being able to create that personal piece of art for each of her clients.